How to Assign IP Addresses On-Fly on Debian Based Linux Distributions


This article will guide you on how you can manipulate IP Addresses and routes using the Command Line on Debian-based Linux Distributions, especially on systems without and Graphical User Interface. The standard commands used to manage network configurations on almost every Linux system are: ifconfig, ip and route. While this commands are used to change network settings on-fly, with instant effect over network interfaces, their modifications are not permanent and can’t survive after a system reboot or an interface reset. In order to make the network settings permanent you must manually edit the interfaces file /etc/network/interfaces and use the static method on the interface you want to assign a static IP Address.

PART ONE – Assign IP Settings On-Fly

– List Network Interfaces

In order to temporary and instantly change network settings (IP, Netmask, Gateway) first you must issue one of the following commands to get a list of all your network interfaces:

[simterm]ifconfig -a
ip link show[/simterm]

sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask brodcast
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